Most frequently asked questions and answers

Darin, Mike, Dereck and their team offer combined years of experience and a team capable of handling any job at any level. Integrity, honesty and quality are not just assumed, they are our practice.

At DH Construction we offer a wide range of new home construction products from single family residential on our lot, or yours, at all price levels.

Sub-Division builds range from 4-6 months, Custom Builds average 6-12 months depending on detail.

DH Construction offers exceptional value with uncompromising commitment to quality, given the unique nature of every project, please call and in 5 minutes we can tell you an approximate range of construction costs unique to your project!

DH Construction has great working relationships with a number of local lenders from Construction Loans to FHA, we have you covered with instant referrals to industry professionals that are local, and can meet your financing needs.

With DH Construction the first step on the road to your dream home begins with a simple email or call, we will sit down with you and discuss what steps you need to take on your journey, each situation is unique and we want to help craft the best possible plan to build the home of your dreams based on your needs!

We work with a team of local design professionals to create your dream home, we have many pre-selected design boards to assist you in the process, or go full custom! DH has a program to meet your unique needs during the construction process.

Each client has different needs, with our online system, not only will you receive regular updates, you’ll also know what’s coming next. All communication, change orders and all of your homes progress info is all safely tucked away, and your just a login away!

With DH Construction, our idea is to leave your jobsite better than when we started, construction waste cleanup and hauling is included in every DH Construction contract.

There is a one year warranty provided with every home purchase.

Get an appointment set to meet with Dereck and he will walk you through the entire process!

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